Cars should line up on the left curbside of Lochlea from South Road when dropping off or picking up students. The crossing guard will be on duty beginning at 8:05 am.

Drivers may not leave their cars for any reason while in the carpool line. If a driver needs to come in the building then the car must be parked in the lot or on Sulgrave.


For students who live a mile or more from an elementary school, the Baltimore City Public School System provides bus transportation. The Office of Transportation plans the routes based on the addresses of student bus riders.

Buses are color-coded to distinguish between different neighborhood routes and schedules.

A bus registration form is sent home with the welcome back packet. This form includes the stops and to what color each bus is referred. For a complete stop-by-stop bus schedule, please contact the office.

If you have a problem or complaint about a driver, or service to your stop, please contact the school office.

If a student’s stop changes for any reason the school office must be notified in writing.

Parents may call the bus company, City Bus, if the bus is late, etc., at 410-889-4900.


Students living within one mile of the school often walk to school. It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure students understand the route to and from school. A crossing guard or staff member is on duty to help students cross Sulgrave and/or Kelly Avenues.


Parking is limited at the school. There is parking available on Sulgrave and in the parking lot in front of the playground. Parking on Lochlea is not permitted.

If a parents is dropping off or picking up a student drivers may not leave their cars running for any reason.