Committees & Teams

There are several committees and teams you can join to assist the school. This section briefly outlines the purpose and who to contact if you interested in participating on a committee or team. We always need help so don’t be shy!

Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO)

The purpose of the PTO is to support the educational program of the school. This purpose consists of activities which:

  • Promote the growth, development, and welfare of the students;
  • Supplement educational, cultural, and social programs offered by the school system;
  • Keep parents informed about school policies, finances, resources, and educational issues;
  • Encourage a sense of community among its members;
  • Augment the educational resources and supplies provided by the school system;
  • Express the positions of parents on issues affecting the educational program;
  • Address district, city and state educational issues;
  • Engage in all other appropriate activities consistent with these goals.

Current PTO Members

President Jeannine August
Vice President    Jill Feinberg
Treasurer Ian Rashkin
Secretary Cecilia Meisner
At-Large Pat Hill
Brook Kearly
Dion Long
Toni vonder Haar
Ex Officio Sue Torr

Contact: PTO president Jeannine August, (address removed)

School Improvement Team (SIT)

The primary goal of the Mt. Washington Elementary School Improvement Team (SIT) is to develop and monitor the School’s Improvement Plan. The MWES School Improvement Plan uses research data to identify goals and strategies for school-wide implementation. Some data points include the results of the annual school Climate Survey, student achievement data and demographic information. Goals related to the instructional programs, family and community engagement as well as professional training for our teachers are included in the plan. The School Improvement Team monitors the implementation of the goals and guides revisions as needed. Our SIT members meet each month during the school year to discuss and develop plans to improve student achievement, ensure quality programs, and help our school achieve its greatest potential.

The MWES School Improvement Team consists of the MWES principal, teachers, parents and community members. MWES parents elect new SIT members each year with a chair, vice-chair, and secretary elected from the membership.

Contact: Chairperson Trude Cooke-Turner, (address removed)

Family and Community Engagement (FACE)

The purpose of this committee is to continue to strengthen our volunteer program and ensure that the community is recruited to be a part of the school. Throughout this school year, the FACE committee will be developing ways to organize parent and community volunteers, ensuring volunteers are helping during times the school needs them most, as well as tracking the number of hours our parents and community members volunteer. The FACE committee will also hold a volunteer appreciation event at the end of the school year. 

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council coordinates the budget process, including ensuring the community has opportunities to share their ideas and thought about the school budget, oversees a principal search when needed, and serves as a liaison between the CEO and the school when providing input about the direction of the school and its leadership. The Advisory Council includes three representatives of the school community.