Class Parents

Parent volunteers serve as the Class Parent for each class. The role of the Class Parent is to communicate information on behalf of the principal, the teacher or the PTO. The Class Parent communicates reminders about specific events for the class as well as for the school via email or phone calls.

2009-10 Class Parents

Mrs. Schechman Natasha Tylea Cooke (address removed)
Mrs. Lombardi Lynn McDonald (address removed)
Ms. Calhoun Mark Riding
Samara Simmorins
(address removed)
(address removed)
First Grade
Mrs. Kilby Rachel Brewer (address removed)
Mrs. Washington Julie Pope (address removed)
Ms. Luther Stephanie Myers (address removed)
Second Grade
Mrs. Lough Rebecca Bainum (address removed)
Mrs. Goldman Julie Salsbery (address removed)
Third Grade
Mrs. Moore Toni Vonderhaar (address removed)
Mr. Carlisle Brandi Jefferson (address removed)
Fourth Grade
Mrs. Britt Laura Laing (address removed)
Mrs. Blount LaTanya Stokes
Madeleine Shea
(address removed)
(address removed)
Fifth Grade
Mrs. May Stephanie Regenold (address removed)
Mrs. Pugh Jamila Ajanku-Willie (address removed)